Gateway Bible Baptist Church
Since 1982   "Where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord!"

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       Gateway rejoices in the abundant life offered to all in God's Word. We are here to be of spiritual help to you. May I Extend to you a personal Invitation to call upon us in time of need and to attend the services of this church. Contact Us

 Dr. Leo Crofford founded Gateway Baptist Church in 1982. Dr. Crofford is a Tennesse Temple Graduate. He is an excellent Bible teacher, Friend, and Leader.


Sunday Service Times
10:00am            Sunday School
10:45am            Morning Service
12:30pm            Afternoon Service

Wednesday Night Service
7:oopm              Night Service

Gateway Baptist Church
4070 Macon Rd.
Memphis TN 38122


Are you tired of going to church hungry for something that satifies and coming home disillusioned with religion because it doesn't give you anything? Because it doesn't say anything?

Would you like to cut through all the book reviews, philosophy, politics, and social reforms and get down to business with GOD about your own soul and eternity? God has much to say. He wants to tell you how much he loves you - so much that He sent Jesus, His Son, to die to save you from present power of sin and its future punishment.

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